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Bluewater’s value to your customer (for channel partners)


  • Customer expectations around managing mobility services & telecom expense are maturing
  • When there is any complexity this management goes beyond just the transaction, and customers need more
  • The managed Bluewater offering as a premium tool for ordering, managing, analysing and reporting on mobility and telecom, drives recurring revenue, reduces account management time and improves customer engagement

When we’re talking to account executives and prospective partners, we sometimes get asked how Bluewater differs from the tools offered by Telstra and service partners. These questions are understandable as Telstra is spending a lot of money and time digitising their front end for a better customer interaction through Telstra Connect, and some partners have invested in building their own dealer-centric tools too.

Client expectations are evolving 

Clients expect easy procurement processes, centralised management of support queries and fast access to invoicing. However, many also need workflow management, asset and service assignment, reporting and governance – and in many cases these needs span suppliers and require a centralised approach. 

This is where Bluewater shines. Organisations are increasingly looking for a premium managed platform that will empower them with the right information and insights to support their end-to-end businesses mobility and telecom management. 

So under what circumstances would Bluewater be a good fit for your customer?

Let me start by saying for many customers the carrier and partner-focussed tools are just fine. They streamline engagement within the one-supplier relationship and improve the experience. They are, however, transactional tools built for all customers to engage with that one supplier. Many customers require more.

Bluewater approaches mobility & telecom management from the organisation’s perspective. This client-centricity is an important distinction, because whenever there is complexity, scale of spend, or a governance requirement, organisations will require a platform that does more than just manage the transaction, support ticket or invoice. They’ll require a platform that helps them manage the complete life-cycle  in a way that’s integrated into and aligned with their organisation’s stakeholder needs. 

As a managed platform Bluewater is also more than just a tool. Our support team helps customers and service partners maxmise value from their information through active support.

So in a nutshell if your customer requires an approach that will give them an end-to-end approach, incorporating external information with internal information, with access to support, then Bluewater is the right fit.

More than transactional support – complete control and visibility

Bluewater is the hub that integrates internal processes and reporting with their carrier billing and partner fulfilment services. It is the place to ensure customers get complete visibility and control over their entire ecosystem – which will mean greater satisfaction of the services they ultimately procure. Customers can work with any supplier, and integrate their Telstra billing data with the supplier(s) they choose. 

More specifically using Bluewater customers can:

  • manage fulfilment partners on their platform
  • control the approval and allocation of assets and services
  • analyse and report on these assets and services in context of their organisational hierarchy and governance framework
  • Distribute the accountability for assets and services to individuals and cost centre managers

All of the above leads to greater control and efficiency.

Customer-centric offerings improve satisfaction and engagement 

When having internal control and governance is important to your customer, they will be prepared to invest in Bluewater. For Telstra and Partners introducing the managed Bluewater offering as a premium tool for ordering, managing, analysing and reporting on mobility and telecom, drives recurring revenue, reduces account management time (via having an empowered customer) and improves customer engagement. A win for you and a win for the customer. 

The Telstra account team and many leading partners see the importance of our platform in their customer offering and are having success introducing Bluewater. 

We are working with the majority of Telstra Partners and Telstra Account teams, and we look forward to supporting you soon.

Dave Burkett | CEO

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