Melton City Council - Bluewater
Case Study

Bluewater platform has delivered a positive return on investment to Melton City Council, with the platform delivering us control and visibility over a mobile fleet that continues to grow in this changing environment.

The City of Melton consists of 31 suburbs in Victoria. The council manages the second fastest growing municipality in Victoria, with a forecast population of ~216k people in 2022 expected to expand to ~450k by 2051.

Cost of Management

of Fleet


3-4 x Customer estimated ROI


Local Council

The Challenge

The challenge previously was a lack of tools, and therefore manual process, in how the council was allocating and distributing the mobility and telecom expense to the accountable cost centre. With the growth of mobility through COVID, this operational process became more time consuming at a time greater visibility was required.

Without a tool to drive accountability, the potential for hidden inefficient service cost and asset allocation was always a possibility.

“Taking up Bluewater has meant financial and operational savings, leading to greater value for Melton City Council’s ratepayers.”
Mark Susa
Senior Management Accountant

The Solution

Our Telstra Partner presented Bluewater as a solution to streamline the management of mobility and deliver an easier way to allocate, report and monitor all assets and spend across accountable departments. The Bluewater platform seamlessly integrated with their service desk.

The Outcome

Importantly, we now have the information to optimise our fleet. Having services and asset information up to date with our Organisational information, means that we have been able to identify dormant services, incorrectly assigned assets and services, and see billing issues that have not previously been easy to identify and rectify. Much of this information is available at the click of a button. After a few months we have identified significant savings through optimisation.

The implementation process with Bluewater was fabulous and set the foundations to extract meaningful operational savings monthly. From a governance and reporting position alone, Bluewater has saved us at least 3-man days per month. We no longer need to work through multiple spreadsheets to understand spend. All service and billing data is highly visible and when combined with our organisational data, Bluewater reporting and alerts, staying on top of spend becomes much more manageable.

We are absolutely loving the capabilities of Bluewater in reporting! The ease of access has greatly assisted multiple financial positions and new corporate reporting has assisted everyone right through to Executive Management and even the Minister. The ability to pull hierarchy level information quickly and deliver contextual information through reports is very useful. Everyone loves it!