IT Managers - How well do you know your mobile fleet?

IT Managers – How well do you know your mobile fleet?

As an IT Manager, when your colleague from Finance asks you a simple question, such as ‘how many active mobile services & devices do we currently have by cost center and why has the cost gone up this month?’, the answer should be easy to give, however often it proves time consuming to answer this simple question. Why is that?

This simple question from Finance relies on you having up to date information on who has a mobile device & service, which cost center they are allocated to, the correct billing data and the necessary tools to drill down into the details to find the answer to your colleague’s burning question! If you are using a manual approach with excel spreadsheets and poorly adapted systems, it can be quite challenging. The more devices & services you are managing, the harder that challenge will be.

At Bluewater we see this all the time. Clients come to us because such questions are taking them days and sometimes weeks to answer, when this could be wrapped up in just 20mins or so…

We are not surprised given the number of services we help our clients to manage more efficiently. From 150 of our selected clients, we are now helping them to juggle a staggering 490,000 services and 170,000 devices and across 100,000 cost centres! These clients wanted to move to a solution which enabled them to manage the full lifecycle of their mobiles and their total telecom expenses across fixed & mobile.

One of the most important onboarding tasks for Bluewater is helping our customers get visibility around what they have. 80% of customers with mobile fleets over the 1000 mark, do not have an accurate picture of their fleet.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many devices and services are operational?
  • Who has responsibility for them?
  • Are they being used or even abused?
  • Are they on the right plan for the desired use?
  • Is your spend as efficient as it could be?
  • Do you have the right governance around this asset class for your organisation?

As one of our clients recently said “I would recommend Bluewater which helped us significantly increase the accuracy and reduce the time to provide clear actionable reporting on our mobile fleet. It was taking me anywhere from a full day up to a week, but Bluewater helped drive this down to just 20 mins!” – Roand Enriquez, IT Regional Depot Team Lead, Sedgwick

If you would like to find out how we could help your organization to efficiently gain control of your telecom expenses and easily answer such questions, then please contact us for a chat or a short 20 mins demo on the button below.

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