Product Update: One Click Service Search - Bluewater

Product Update: One Click Service Search

May 2020

Our new feature makes  it easier than ever to search, edit and order against your services. 

Here is an overview of changes and where you’ll find them. 

A new way to search is here    

You can now search all services in your fleet with ease from our new search bar located on your home the top of the screen.      

Service requests just got easier

Search for a Service from your home page, similar to a Google Search bar. See all details attached to the service and submit requests against a service with ease.

Service related billing at a glance  

Quickly review billing details associated with each service. Customise to include only the detail relevant to your role. Download service statements and export data. 

Easy Cost Allocations

See employee and cost centre attached to the service. Quickly change cost centre allocations for service and related assets  to easily manage transfers between your business units.

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