A platform for Mobility Life-Cycle Management

Understand, then control your mobility and telco investment

Understanding what’s happening enables you to make effective decisions. Bluewater provides answers to critical business questions about your mobility assets and telecommunication services.

“What is the complete view of my fleet and telecom expenses?”
“How many services/assets are not allocated to a department or role?”
“Are all my devices MDM compliant?”
“How much do unallocated items cost us each month?”
“What excess charges did we incur last month?”
“Who and what caused the excess charges?”
“What services do we pay for but don’t use?”

Bluewater provides answers to these questions and then allows you to control what happens next.

Manage your mobility assets

Mobility assets and telecommunication services are crucial to the running of an organisation. Bluewater enables your organisation to manage key mobility processes and related expense through a single platform; working seamlessly with your Managed Service Provider.

– Procurement of assets and services.
– Purchase approval workflows.
– Allocation of assets and services to staff and cost centres.
– Activation of international roaming.
– Replacement of a SIM card.
– Service suspension and/or cancellation.
– Phone repair.

Bluewater supports these processes and many more.


Responsibility for, and interest in, mobility assets and telco services are often held by several teams within an organisation.

Key stakeholders often include: Finance; ICT; Cost Centre managers; and users of mobile assets. The lifecycle of mobility also involves Managed Service Partners for fulfillment and telecom carrier(s) for service and billing.

These teams and individuals require different information. As a workflow tool Bluewater provides a single pane of glass to manage workflow and information across all parties.

Bluewater provides the right information to the right teams on-demand and/or proactively.