Key features of the ServiceNow Connector - Bluewater

Key features of the ServiceNow Connector


Bluewater customers can now seamlessly integrate their ServiceNow instance into Bluewater with ease. Created to allow you to leverage your existing ServiceNow workflows into Bluewater, without the complexity, effort and cost involved in a custom integration. The Connector will be available to Bluewater clients free of charge in the Bluewater ServiceNow store.

Phase 1 supports multiple-tenants with domain separation for MSPs.

The key features of the connector are:

Phase 1: Available in the ServiceNow store

1. Business Data Synchronisation

  • Automatically scheduled, ServiceNow initiated, one-way push synchronisation of your Cost Centre and Employee data from your ServiceNow instance into Bluewater.
  • Removes any required management of this data in Bluewater, ensuring your Telco portal is always up to date.
2. Asset Data Synchronisation
  • Automatically scheduled, ServiceNow initiated, two-way push and pull synchronisation of employees, devices and service assets and their allocations to employees and cost centres.
  • Ensures any devices procured are maintained within Bluewater for Telecom & Mobility reporting, whilst devices are also managed in ServiceNow.

Phase 2: in current development

3. Procurement

  • Leverage the power of Bluewater’s mobility catalogue through your ServiceNow instance for procurement.
  • Regular, one-way synchronisation of your hardware/ service plan catalogue from Bluewater into your ServiceNow catalogue.
  • Custom workflow allows you to create event driven submission of approved ServiceNow orders into Bluewater, which then flow on to your Telecom Managed Service Provider.
  • Regular polling of Bluewater for Order updates and an update of status within your ServiceNow instance.