Key features of the ServiceNow Connector - Bluewater

Key features of the ServiceNow Connector


Bluewater customers can now seamlessly integrate their ServiceNow instance into Bluewater with ease. Created to allow you to leverage your existing ServiceNow workflows into Bluewater, without the complexity, effort and cost involved in a custom integration. The Connectors are available to Bluewater clients free of charge in the ServiceNow store.

The Bluewater Connector supports tenants with domain separation for groups with multiple operating companies or managed service providers with multiple customers.

Connectors and features:

Bluewater Connector: ServiceNow store

This connector provides seamless integration between your ServiceNow instance and your Bluewater instance, allowing the syncing of your source business entity data into Bluewater and asset data between the two platforms. Configure your own mapping between your data and Bluewater using direct field mappings or powerful function mappings.


1. Entity Synchronisation

  • Automatically scheduled, ServiceNow initiated, one-way push synchronisation of your Employee, Cost Centre and Location data from your ServiceNow instance into Bluewater.
  • Ensures your Bluewater platform is always up to date with organisational data for the management of mobility and telecom.
  • The Connector has flexibility beyond standard User and Cost Centre tables, allowing you to connect with any table.

2. Asset Synchronisation

  • Automatically scheduled, ServiceNow initiated, two-way push and pull synchronisation of Asset (devices and services) records between Bluewater and ServiceNow, along with their allocations to employees and cost centres.
  • Ensures any devices and services procured and maintained within Bluewater for Mobility Lifecycle management and Telecom reporting are easily synced with your core ServiceNow database.
  • The Connector works with any table in ServiceNow, but best practice application is to connect to tables inside the CMDB. Use of fields like “Assigned to” in CI, or similar fields to the accordantly configured tables, will link devices and services to users and cost centres.

Bluewater Ordering Connector: ServiceNow Store

This connector provides seamless integration between your ServiceNow instance and your Bluewater instance, allowing the syncing of approved Mobile Service & Device Orders from ServiceNow into your mobility management platform, Bluewater. 

  • Send approved Orders from ServiceNow to Bluewater for fulfilment by your managed service partner. 
  • Orders will be completed by your service provider in Bluewater, updating device and service information, with order status syncing back to ServiceNow.
  • The Bluewater Ordering Connector will map your ServiceNow item IDs with Bluewater Catalogue IDs. Orders can have multiple order lines, with each line representing one item, which in turn creates a separate Bluewater order for each item*. Bluewater calls the rest API in the Connector regularly to update order status within your ServiceNow instance. (*Recommended that Bulk orders be put directly into Bluewater by administrators, and not via ServiceNow)
  • If you have the Bluewater Connector enabled, you can sync device and service information with your ServiceNow tables.