Telstra’s Adaptive Mobility: Are you keeping track of all this flexibility?

Telstra’s Adaptive Mobility: Are you keeping track of all this flexibility?

In 2020, Telstra launched its new offers called ‘Adaptive Mobility’ for new voice, data and mobile service plans for enterprise, business, and government customers.

They bring great flexibility to organisations, including an ability to change plan tiers, speed caps and add / remove users to meet requirements; customise with add-ons and rapidly scale their connectivity requirements up or down to remain agile and responsive.

However, as most IT Managers and Finance Managers know, with this comes increased complexity due to a higher volume of changes which you need to track as an organisation.

Typical questions organisations will need to handle include:

  • How many users are in each plan tier this month Vs last month? Are they allocated to the right cost centre?
  • Do we have any unallocated/unused plans/services? If so which ones?
  • Can we easily track & report on all the changes in SIM’s, Adaptive Mobility plans, devices, employees and cost centres?

To make sure to capture all these types of new and existing changes, organisations often seek to use online tools to more easily gain visibility & control over their mobile lifecycle management and the associated telecom expenses (TEM).

One such online tool is Bluewater, which connects the dots in a dynamic and reliable way between all your changes in SIM’s, devices, plans, employees and cost centres. As this is all done within one platform from purchase to pay, it reduces the time spent by staff tracking & following up on all these changes using manual or inadequate systems.

As one of Bluewater’s customers, Lloyd Jones the General Manager Information Technology at Hi-Trans Express, puts it “In our historical processes there was a lot of manual work, which left the opportunity for mistakes. Bluewater has massively improved the day to day tasks required to manage our fleet and efficiency in managing cost. Bluewater also helps streamline and improve my interactions with Telstra.”    (see the full case study here)

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