About Us

Bluewater Control is a software company focussed on building solutions that remove cost and deliver governance within organisations. Our SaaS product, Bluewater CONNECT, provides powerful mobility lifecycle and telecom expense management in one platform.

Bluewater CONNECT strives to remove organisational inefficiency and cost in mobility and telecom expense management through:

  • Efficient time saving end-to-end workflows
  • Cost control through true visibility & analysis
  • Distributed governance through organisational reporting and cost centre allocation

Organisations with large mobile fleets and significant telecoms activity, experience complexity & difficulty in the management of these costs.

Fragmented manual workflows and disparate data no longer suffice. Organisations require a solution that saves time and provides insight and accountability for better decision making to manage and reduce cost.

By integrating organisational data and processes with telecom data and processes, Bluewater makes managing mobile lifecycle and telecom expense easier and more transparent; ultimately lowering cost. Process, information & analysis all in one place.

The Bluewater platform streamlines the management of your mobility and telecom investments; from procurement through to the management of usage, assets and expenses.

As a SaaS based platform it embeds efficiency within an organisation allowing it to work with any managed service provider without changing internal processes.

Bluewater has hundreds of clients on our platform from all industries and is ISO 27001 accredited.


Constantly challenge what we do, how we do it, and what we can do better.


Be open, seek and embrace feedback, and leverage the knowledge of others.


Care for each other.


Together we win or fail.

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