A platform for Mobility Life-Cycle Management

Cost Control

Each additional mobile increases an organisation’s investment in mobility assets and increases the risk of unexpected costs.

Manage the costs

Avoid bill shock

Excess costs of $500 per month on a single service are too common. Avoid bill shock from excess data costs with proactive data usage alerts.

Manage user behaviour

With proactive Usage Reports, pass visibility and responsibility back to cost centre managers and staff.

Stop buying unnecessary assets and services

Seeing how much unused assets you’ve purchased can come as a shock. Clean out the cupboards, put your house in order and only pay for what you need.

Don’t pay for what you don’t use

Services that you no longer use can still appear on your monthly bill. Bluewater highlights redundant services so you can save money.

Efficiently allocate cost

Through active cost centre allocation, from the point of procurement through to GL file attribution, have comfort that costs are being allocated correctly.


For each mobile phone there are often 15 or more processes to directly manage it.
Add the processes to govern a fleet, and collaborate with your service provider.
It’s a lot of work, it gets bigger as you grow, and you need automation.

Manage the complexity

Workflows, with approvals, enable all requests to be managed on a centralised platform that appropriate departments and external partners can access and trust.

Improve governance

Close the gap between procurement, billing and asset management.

Empower search

With comprehensive search capabilities, records can be efficiently accessed, updated and maintained.

Reports & insights

Different stakeholders require different reports to provide the insight they need. Bluewater not only provides suitable reports but allows users to configure what information they want included.


Managing complexity can’t stop at the boundary of any one platform. Bluewater’s APIs can work with applications within your organisation and those within many Service Providers.

Partner Management

With automation in place and excellent records of all activities and expenses,
you’ll be able to hold informed conversations with your Service Provider and your Telco.