Benefits of Telecom Expense & Mobile Asset Management | Bluewater

Uncover annual cost savings up to and over 3x ROI and get more out of your spend with Bluewater

How Bluewater maximises the value of your mobility and TEM spend.
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Built for Finance, IT, and Administration teams

Bluewater’s ROI comes in three key areas

Cost Savings

Spend is optimised through:

Operational Savings

Workflows and time spent on repetitive tasks are optimised through:

Governance and Visibility

Built-in processes ensure governance at every step through:

Over 300% return on investment in Bluewater

The result - in our customer's words


“Previous process was complicated and time consuming with multiple systems; as well as being resource intensive. Bluewater easily highlights things that we need to investigate or action, which is necessary to keep the fleet in check.”

Megha Sinha​


Neami National IT Support Officer​

“Bluewater streamlines the operational interface with Telstra and its partners and empowers us to better manage our mobile fleet. 
I love Bluewater. [It has] really changed my life.”

Rob Paterson


CT Manager, RFDS Western Operations

“Bluewater provides us with the visibility and control that is required to effectively manage our changing fleet.”

Duncan Middleton


Project Assistant
APA Testimonial

“The Bluewater platform and Telestar-managed service offering has allowed me to optimise the account on an ongoing basis and significantly improve governance in our business. The service has provided a strong return on investment. I look at the Bluewater platform as an integral part of the managed service Telestar provides my business. To me, it’s all one.”

Paul Whitting


APA Telecommunications Manager

“The Bluewater platform has become an integral part of the Managed Service offering provided by Telestar. Not only has it saved us considerable time internally in managing our fleet and expense, it has helped optimise our activity.”

Joseph Abbate


ISS National Telecommunications Support

For Finance teams

Finance teams spend weeks reconciling bills, analysing variances, asking questions to MSPs and Carriers,and compiling reports for the business just to manage and allocate mobility and telecom spend. With Bluewater, this is reduced to minutes of work. Costs are already allocated for automated reporting and bills can be easily analysed and drilled down to the line item level. Quick monthly hygiene checks keep spend under control, removing the painful ad hoc audits and analyses.

Bluewater empowers your finance team with the information they need, freeing up their time and bandwidth for more strategic and larger projects.

Benefits - Improved Workflows
Benefits - Improved Workflows

For IT teams

IT workflow and governance is enhanced with Bluewater. Ordering through pre-approved catalogues and managing the lifecycle of services and devices is streamlined by having all information and workflow in one platform. Integrate with your managed service partners, carrier and internal systems, keeping up-to-date activity logs against all services and devices. Are you using ServiceNow for internal ordering and asset keeping? No worries, easily integrate with Bluewater through Bluewater Connect in the ServiceNow store to keep all information in sync.

IT budgets are maximised and wastage reduced, alongside easier, faster, governance-first processes.

For Managers & Service Users

Get the right information to the right people every month, driving accountability and governance, lowering cost and improving security in growing mobile footprints.