Telecom Expense Management

Bring all your carrier billing and services data together to drive cost savings and accountability for spend. One place to manage all billing and service allocation, with powerful reporting functionality for visibility and governance.

Bill Analysis – Telecom Expense Management

Bill Analysis

Consolidate billing from multiple carriers in one platform and easily review monthly variances, link to users and cost centres, and identify optimisation opportunity. Dynamically allocate costs to multiple cost centres.

Through ‘What Caused This’ feature, instantly see what’s caused a change in the bills month on month. Drill down and understand variances within seconds.

Service Management

In one click have up to date Service Profile including status, linked User, Cost Centre Owner and Cost Centre Financial allocations. Transfer services between Users, Cost Centres or Spare Pools.

Fast easy access to summary and itemised data to analyse services spend.

Service Management – Telecom Expense Management
Reporting – Telecom Expense Management


Fast on-screen search, listing and pre-built reporting to manage all aspects of billing and services within your organisation.

Best practice dashboards such as Top user spend, Potentially redundant services, Previous users with services, Cancelled still billed, all help to keep hygiene within your telecom spend.

Schedule reporting with magic link functionality to make it easy for non-platform users such as Cost Centre Managers or Service owners to consume information securely.


Access carrier invoices from one portal. Aggregate all billing into cost centre reporting and generate General Ledger files each month for your Telecom spend.

Universal capability:

  • Powerful universal search
  • Flexible cost allocation models
  • Rich API framework and Webhooks for integration
  • Prebuilt ServiceNow connector available in store
  • Easy to manage bulk update functionality for entity data
  • Activity logs across all entities for governance
  • Batch reporting with magic link functionality to simplify non-platform users to consume information securely
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