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Benefits - Improved Workflows

2 weeks into the implementation and expectations are exceeded by far…game changer

Bluewater has enabled our organisation to gain much better visibility & control over our mobile ecosystem, while saving substantial staff time. Monthly reporting which used to take 2.5 days now takes only 15 mins! The portal is easy to use and has helped us identify over 60 redundant mobile services in the first 3 months, leading to further savings!

I would recommend Bluewater which helped us significantly increase the accuracy and reduce the time to provide clear actionable reporting on our mobile fleet. It was taking me anywhere from a full day up to a week, but Bluewater helped drive this down to just 20 mins!

In our historical processes there was a lot of manual work, which left the opportunity for mistakes. Bluewater has massively improved the day to day tasks required to manage our fleet and efficiency in managing cost. Bluewater also helps streamline and improve my interactions with Telstra.

The platform makes managing our account with Telstra easier. Having granular visibility at my fingertips around services and billing removes frustration around administration tasks. The Bluewater platform and Telestar-managed service offering has allowed me to optimise the account on an ongoing basis and significantly improve governance in our business. The service has provided a strong return on investment. I look at the Bluewater platform as an integral part of the managed service Telestar provides my business. To me, it’s all one.

Telstra has great technology and network, however dealing with a large organisation can be clunky. Bluewater streamlines the operational interface with Telstra and its partners and empowers us to better manage our mobile fleet. I love Bluewater. [It has] really changed my life.

I would recommend Bluewater in a heartbeat over our previous incumbent providers and related processes.

Bluewater provides us with the visibility and control that is required to effectively manage our changing fleet.

We like the fact that we can easily identify issues in the portal and then we can action them straight away, without having to go to another system. Bluewater is straight forward, easy to understand, and simple to use.