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We can't say enough about the transformation Bluewater has brought to our business. By seamlessly integrating Bluewater with our provisioning system, we've eliminated the hassle of dirty work tickets and consistently exceeded our service level agreements. Bluewater is now the linchpin of our mobility managed services offering, fueling our business growth while cementing stronger customer relationships. Our clients have embraced Bluewater wholeheartedly, embedding the platform into their workflows and processes, resulting in unparalleled efficiency and collaboration. Thanks to Bluewater, we're not just meeting expectations; we're setting new standards for customer satisfaction. It's more than a tool; it's a game-changer. We're proud to be associated with Bluewater

Andrew Evripidou

Sales Manager, Enterprise Connect / TBC West

MyState has moved to Bluewater recently and found the migration to the new platform to be extremely painless. We had a need to move off our current billing system due to it becoming end of life. Making use of SaaS, Bluewater has allowed us to manage our fleet of Telstra services in a much more structured approach, and has given us the ability to track usage of services, and allocation of devices to users and numbers. The reporting components are a breeze to use, and we have now incorporated the procurement process into Bluewater making it easy for us to obtain new devices.

Nick Finlay

Manager Service Delivery, MyState Bank

The platform makes managing our account with Telstra easier. Having granular visibility at my fingertips around services and billing removes frustration around administration tasks. The Bluewater platform and Telestar-managed service offering has allowed me to optimise the account on an ongoing basis and significantly improve governance in our business. The service has provided a strong return on investment. I look at the Bluewater platform as an integral part of the managed service Telestar provides my business. To me, it’s all one.

Paul Whitting

Telecommunications Manager, APA

I would recommend Bluewater which helped us significantly increase the accuracy and reduce the time to provide clear actionable reporting on our mobile fleet. It was taking me anywhere from a full day up to a week, but Bluewater helped drive this down to just 20 mins!

Roand Enriquez

IT Regional Depot Team Lead, Sedgwick

In our historical processes there was a lot of manual work, which left the opportunity for mistakes. Bluewater has massively improved the day to day tasks required to manage our fleet and efficiency in managing cost. Bluewater also helps streamline and improve my interactions with Telstra.

Lloyd Jones

General Manager Information Technology, Hi-Trans Express

Bluewater has enabled our organisation to gain much better visibility & control over our mobile ecosystem, while saving substantial staff time. Monthly reporting which used to take 2.5 days now takes only 15 mins! The portal is easy to use and has helped us identify over 60 redundant mobile services in the first 3 months, leading to further savings!

Maree O’Brien

ICT Supplier Engagement Officer, USQ

2 weeks into the implementation and expectations are exceeded by far…game changer

Bradley Sanders

ICT Asset & Configuration Manager, SA Department for Environment and Water

ROI is a hard one to calculate, because honestly I consider Bluewater invaluable now. What we have achieved through Bluewater thus far has changed the entire space forever

Bradley Sanders

ICT Asset & Configuration Management, SA Department for Environment & Water

Having the platform as part of our Telstra dealers’ offering improves our overall relationship with Telstra. We have fewer queries, and when we do have one we are better prepared to manage the query efficiently with Telstra. Bluewater plays an important role in our Telstra relationship.

Joseph Abbate

National Telecommunications Support, ISS

The previous process was complicated, and time-consuming with multiple systems, as well as being resource intensive. Bluewater easily highlights things that Neami has to investigate or action, which is necessary to keep the fleet in check.

Ian Horton

National IT Operations Leader, Neami

Like many organisations, Covid 19 meant that Melton City Council experienced significant growth of telco services and costs to support a remote workforce. Bluewater has enabled us to transform the way we manage this, ensuring our fleet is always optimised so we don’t waste time and money. The implementation was phenomenal. Bluewater worked closely with our telco partner Mobile Network. It felt like we were supported by one experienced team, with a tailored solution to meet Melton’s City Council’s needs and structure. Taking up Bluewater has meant financial and operational savings, leading to greater value for Melton City Council’s ratepayers.

Marko Suza

Senior Management Accountant, Melton City Council

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