J.J. Richards

J.J. Richards
J.J. Richards & Sons Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and operated family business that provides innovative waste management solutions throughout Australia. The business has been operating since 1932 and now has a fleet of over 1,800 vehicles and over 2,200 people across Australia and New Zealand.

Cost of Management

  • Time-consuming manual work, now automated
  • Improved billing management and allocation

of Fleet

  • 150 unallocated resources identified and redeployed thanks to improved visibility


  • Consolidation into a single source of accessible information
  • Updates simplified and centralised into one location


  • Significant reduction in costs
  • Optimised processes and fleet

The Challenge

For many years prior to implementing Bluewater, J.J. Richards used a combination of manual process and the Telstra T-Analyst tool. Over time, gaps appeared between procurement and ongoing service and asset management – with both services and assets becoming unallocated yet still costing the company money.

People from different cost centres and depots had to manually identify services on bills and then allocate those services for billing purposes. This was all performed using spreadsheets in a time-consuming process.

Understandably, J.J. Richards was seeking a more efficient way to manage and control their fleet and its associated expense.

The Solution

The Bluewater platform delivered J.J. Richards visibility and control over their services and assets, resulting in the business identifying approximately 150 mobile assets and services across the various depots that were unallocated to staff. This resulted in immediate savings as J.J. Richards could relocate these resources (eg. to new staff) rather than purchasing additional assets.

With Bluewater, J.J. Richards now has a single source of information for greater governance and control of their fleet. They can make changes immediately on the platform, ensuring all information is up to date at all times, and there is no additional need to update user names and details with Telstra.

Cost centre reporting and cost allocation for financial purposes are now simple and quick. The manual work required at each depot to allocate mobile expenses is now automated – including real-time updates to the central accounting file. This streamlines administrative work across 75 depots and if a change in cost centre is needed, depots contact their portal admin who has the new allocation completed in just minutes.

“We rely solely on our monthly reports from Bluewater as our source of truth. Also having control of data within our own platform, irrespective of fulfilment partner, has allowed us to develop streamlined internal management processes based around Bluewater’s key features. This has strengthened our relationship with Telstra and allows them to focus on the important project work” – Duncan Middleton, JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd Project Assistant

The Outcome

Since the Bluewater platform has been introduced, J.J. Richards has streamlined their mobile fleet, enhanced visibility across the mobility process, strengthened their relationship with Telstra and improved billing management and allocation.

Furthermore, by identifying and reallocating previously unallocated assets and services, Bluewater’s platform helped to optimise J.J. Richards’ fleet and realise real cost savings.

J.J. Richards will see a 3x return on the cost of the platform annually.

“Bluewater provides us with the visibility and control that is required to effectively manage our changing fleet.”
Duncan Middleton,
JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd Project Assistant
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