Bluewater for Higher Education:
Maximise value and reduce cost across Mobile Devices, Services and Telecom Expense

Consolidate disjointed data sources to streamline your monthly finance reporting, improve governance, and gain control over your billing.

Bill Analysis

Consolidate billing from multiple carriers in one platform to easily review monthly spend, link to users and cost centres, and identify optimisation opportunities.

Set up notifications to alert finance when new billing information is received. 

Using the powerful ‘What Caused This’ feature, instantly see what’s caused a change in the bill to the previous month. Drill down to understand variances within seconds, and take required actions. 

Dynamically allocate costs to multiple cost centres.

Service Management

Manage the relationship of Mobile and Telecom Services between Users (which can be a Person, Location or Function) and Cost Centres. Modern UI, extensive API’s and easy to use bulk update functionality ensures that your information is always up to date for active management and reporting.

In one click, see and update as required Service Profiles including status, linked User and Device, Cost Centre Owner and Cost Centre financial allocation.

Access full activity logs around service profiles and all billing information.   

Fast easy access to summary and itemised billing data to efficiently review service spend.

Service Management – Telecom Expense Management
University of Southern Queensland uses Bluewater Connect
Bluewater has enabled our organisation to gain much better visibility & control over our mobile ecosystem, while saving substantial staff time. Monthly reporting which used to take 2.5 days now takes only 15 mins! The portal is easy to use and has helped us identify over 60 redundant mobile services in the first 3 months, leading to further savings!
Maree O'Brien
ICT Supplier Engagement Officer, USQ
Government of South Australia Department of Education uses Bluewater Connect
My staff now have the ability to identify data usage down to the level of individual students and devices. This allows us to track and monitor usage and develop strategies to address situations where data is under or over utilised.
Daniel Hughes
CIO, The Department for Education, South Australia
Mobile device management

Device Management

In one click get up to date Device Profile including status, device details, linked User and Service, UEM status, Cost Centre Owner, warranty and lease dates.

Customise device status and sub-status categories based on organisation defined labels. Transfer devices and linked services between Users, Cost Centres or Spare Pools.

Streamline device audits and refresh projects by having all the information in the one place.

Link your Buy Back vendor's pricing into your portal to have current device buy back valuations at your finger tips.


Fast on-screen search, listing and pre-built reporting to manage all aspects of services and devices within your organisation.

Best practice dashboards such as Top user spend, Potentially redundant services, Data usage, Previous users with services and devices, Cancelled still billed, all help to keep hygiene within your mobile fleet.

Schedule reporting with magic link functionality to make it easy for non-platform users such as Cost Centre Managers or Service Owners to consume information securely.

Cost Allocation

Aggregate all carrier service billing against service profiles and cost centres. Dynamically manage cost allocations to multiple Cost Centres at time of order, or though lifecycle management.

Link Service cost allocations to the User's cost allocation profile. Changes to User automatically flow through to all Services.

Universal capability:

  • Powerful universal search
  • Flexible cost allocation models
  • Rich API framework and Webhooks for integration
  • Prebuilt ServiceNow connector available in store
  • Easy to manage bulk update functionality for entity data
  • Activity logs across all entities for governance
  • Batch reporting with magic link functionality to simplify non-platform users to consume information securely
  • Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication
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