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Our Onboarding process eases you through setting up our Mobility Management Platform. We work with you to configure the Platform with your catalogue, service provider/s, telecom carrier/s, and internal business rules and processes. We don’t leave your side until you up and running, with the system options and configurations most suited to your business.

“Bluewater is so easy to follow and in that short time I found out where to find out the problems I have been looking for months.”​

Once implemented our Customer Success team will support your ongoing use of Bluewater and its integration with your telecom billing data.

A dedicated Bluewater implementation consultant from our Customer Success team will lead the you through the following:

  • Data gathering for implementation of the procurement service catalogue
  • Client provision of cost centre hierarchy details
  • Client provision of user details (e.g. user names, employee IDs, cost codes, email addresses)
  • Configuration of the Bluewater and user training
  • Extraction of data from telecom carriers’ electronic billing system (participating carriers only)
  • Information validation and importing into the Bluewater Platform


Schedule a training session with a Subject Matter Expert from our Customer Success team. Choose from one of our training modules or customise a session specific to your needs with our SME’s. Sessions are typically 30 – 90 minutes, and can be delivered online or in person depending on location.

Bulk update support

We recoginise that post implementation businesses can change. Our Customer Success team can work with you to execute any changes required around cost centres, allocation details, service catalogues and asset registers.

Custom & one-off-reporting

If the standard reports do not meet your needs (which is seldom given the database of reports available off the shelf), we can work with you to build customised reports for ongoing or one-off purposes.

To enquire about professional services please contact the Customer Success team at