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Bluewatercontrol - Benefits

Manage your mobile fleet and telecoms from one platform

Bluewater is the platform that unites all of your internal departments around mobility and telecom expense management. Administration, IT, finance, HR and vendors collaborate in one, central platform. 

This is what you’ll say goodbye to:

  • Multiple spreadsheets, emails and follow-up phone calls
  • Laborious manual workflows and processes
  • Wastage from poor visibility over telecom expenses and assets

Guided implementation

Have you ever bought a software tool you didn’t use? That’s impossible with Bluewater. Your dedicated implementation consultant guides you through your implementation which includes:
  • A dedicated Implementation Manager for the process
  • Access to our collaboration tool that enables us to quickly and efficiently share information and remain up-to-date on your project
  • Regular check-ups to ensure we are on track for a smooth delivery

Your implementation

WE SET UP Billing & Data Feeds YOUR OUTCOME Visibility and analysis of spend and usage
WE SET UP Procurement Catalogue YOUR OUTCOMEProcurement of devices and services via the approved catalogue
WE SET UP Employee, asset and cost-centre hierarchy YOUR OUTCOMEBaseline information ready for workflow, allocation and reporting set-up.
WE SET UP Approval workflows and reporting YOUR OUTCOME Efficiency and control distributed via managed workflows.
WE SET UP User training YOUR OUTCOME Empowered users getting actionable insights and optimising workflows.
WE SET UP Integrate with 3rd-party systems* YOUR OUTCOMEEnd-to-end efficiency, embedded infrastructure, clean data visibility.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
  • Scroll left and right to see the implementation plan

*e.g. Service Now, Active Directory, CRM, MDM platforms and more.

New Fast-track implementation

To recognise that organisations currently need fast access to tools to manage mobility and cost in this changing environment, Bluewater is offering a Fast Track implementation service

We can get you up and running with stage 1, 2 and 5 within 7 business days to ensure you have complete visibility on mobility and telecom expenses. The remainder of the implementation phase can be completed when you are ready. 

Our fast track service will get you the following:

WE SET UP Integration with your Telstra billing and establishment of key control reports. YOUR OUTCOME Correct visibility around mobile and telecom spend in the coming period of change.
WE SET UP Implementation of Mobile Fleet Console. YOUR OUTCOME Be across domestic mobile data in near-real time. Set thresholds and alerts, and proactively manage your pooled data.
WE SET UP Procurement catalogue YOUR OUTCOME Establish a core procurement catalogue to control ordering.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Employee, asset and cost centre details, along with reporting and general ledger integrations can be completed when you are ready.

Professional services

You may be onboard, but you’re not alone. To ensure you get increased value, we provide:

  • Ongoing user training
  • Product updates and new portal features
  • Regular check-ins to ensure you continue to benefit from the Bluewater platform.

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