ACH Group

ACH Group
The Aged Care & Housing Group (ACH) is a leading aged care provider with more than 65 years’ experience offering a range of retirement services. They support upwards of 20,000 older Australians through their network of more than 1,700 staff and 400 volunteers.

Cost of Management

  • Streamlined procurement processes minimise device costs and errors
  • Implementation of approval workflows

of Fleet

  • Identification of redundant services leading to cost savings
  • Faster and more efficient onboarding of new services


  • Increased visibility empowers improved decision-making capability


  • Optimised processes and fleet
  • Operational cost savings
  • Improved visibility and governance

The Challenge

The Aged Care & Housing Group had fractured procurement processes that were time-consuming and difficult to manage. Analysing and managing their telecommunication expenses often took up to three weeks to complete.

Before Bluewater, ACH had a distinct lack of visibility across their mobile fleet and experienced poor service and support from their previous suppliers.

Their priorities were to significantly simplify their mobile fleet management, as well as improve their network visibility and procurement processes.

The Solution

With Bluewater, ACH was able to implement a solution that vastly improved their procurement and mobility management system.

With procurement workflows, the time taken to process orders has been significantly reduced, while providing ACH with greater control over the process from start to finish. This has included the ability to govern who can order devices, and ensure that the correct devices are procured from the outset. Immediate and simplified access to billing data has also reduced the three-week telecom expense analysis process.

Overall, Bluewater has provided ACH with greater visibility and control over their mobile assets and 1,100 mobile services.

The Outcome

By using the Bluewater platform, ACH has achieved operational efficiencies, savings and better governance to empower its decision-making capabilities.

Mark Render, Head of Digital Systems at ACH, gave Bluewater a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 10 out of 10, saying, “I’m happy to recommend the Bluewater solution!”

“I would recommend Bluewater in a heartbeat over our previous incumbent providers and related processes.”
Mark Render
Head of Digital Systems
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