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South Australia Department of Environment & Water
South Australia’s Department for Environment & Water works to conserve SA’s natural resources, native species and natural places for their intrinsic value, and for people’s benefit now and into the future. DEW is comprised of the following divisions: Environment, Heritage and Sustainability; Strategy, Science and Corporate Services; National Parks and Wildlife Service; Water and River Murray.

Cost of Management

  • More efficient lifecycle management of services and devices across departments
  • Significant reduction in time taken to analyse services, assets and billing each month and follow up on variances (with Telstra and between internal depts)

of Fleet

  • Easy identification and management of unallocated and/or potentially redundant services
  • Improved visibility of service and device allocation against employees
  • Fast identification of billing queries down to a granular level


  • Capturing asset/service owner details at procurement, movement & termination will support governance & account hygiene
  • The ability to pull hierarchy level information quickly and deliver contextual information through reports is very useful.


  • Optimised processes
  • Removal of manual, fragmented tasks across IT and Finance
  • Better visibility and improved governance

The Challenge

Previously to our engagement with Bluewater, we had extremely poor visibility over the fine details of our mobility fleet. We knew there was wastage, dormant services etc but the lack of reporting in the space limited us a lot. Outdated asset management systems that had not been maintained, combined with a growing fleet, was just not ideal to undertake our business objectives of our mobility fleet.

We were working with the Carrier “Blitz” report, which was just a very big excel sheet in which we had to cross reference with internal asset records. We also used Telstra’s MBRS, but this did not meet our needs.

The Solution

The Enterprise team at Telstra and our Telstra Managed Service Partner presented us with two options to try and streamline the management of this activity at our end. One option was more around billing management, whereas Bluewater delivered a complete end-to-end mobility management solution, with billing attached. “Sorry to say to the other provider, once we saw Bluewater we were sold”.

The Outcome

Importantly, we now have the information to optimise our fleet. Having services and asset information up to date with our Organisational information, means that we have been able to identify dormant services, incorrectly assigned assets and services, and see billing issues that have not previously been easy to identify and rectify. Much of this information is available at the click of a button. After a few months we have identified significant savings through optimisation.

The implementation process with Bluewater was fabulous and set the foundations to extract meaningful operational savings monthly. From a governance and reporting position alone, Bluewater has saved us at least 3-man days per month. We no longer need to work through multiple spreadsheets to understand spend. All service and billing data is highly visible and when combined with our organisational data, Bluewater reporting and alerts, staying on top of spend becomes much more manageable.

We are absolutely loving the capabilities of Bluewater in reporting! The ease of access has greatly assisted multiple financial positions and new corporate reporting has assisted everyone right through to Executive Management and even the Minister. The ability to pull hierarchy level information quickly and deliver contextual information through reports is very useful. Everyone loves it!

“ROI is a hard one to calculate, because honestly I consider Bluewater invaluable now. What we have achieved through Bluewater thus far has changed the entire space forever”
Bradley Sanders
ICT Asset & Configuration Management, SA Department for Environment & Water
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