Neami National

Neami National
Neami is a national, not-for-profit organisation that provides services to improve mental health and wellbeing in local communities. Neami has over 900 staff supporting more than 9,000 people in communities across Australia.

Cost of Management

  • Streamlined procurement and support processes
  • Reduced time allocating telecom billing from multiple sources

of Fleet

  • Identification of redundant services leading to cost savings


  • Individual user statements has improved visibility and led to behavioural changes and self-monitoring


  • Efficiency
  • Savings
  • User accountability

The Challenge

Neami National’s mobility lifecycle was getting crowded, with multiple parties a part of the process. With Telstra tasked with setting up new connections, and hardware being sourced through a third party, Neami’s procurement process was time-consuming, with a lack of visibility and tracking.

On the TEM side, Neami used multiple standalone systems, including T-Analyst for Telstra billing and Commander CSV for Commander billing. Neami then needed to collate everything into a single finance system. This led to inaccurate reports that were also inconsistently distributed.

Prior to implementing Bluewater, Neami knew the overall cost of their telecom spend but had no easy way to get visibility and control over the detail if they wanted to consolidate or manage specific expenditures.

The Solution

Bluewater consolidated Neami’s vendors with Bluewater’s mobility management platform under a new Telstra contract. The Telstra catalogue was set up quickly and efficiently with Neami plans and workflows with partners. An approval process was also established to centralise mobility procurement. Following this, cost centres and users were added, and all telecom billing sources aggregated. Thanks to Bluewater, Neami now has one platform for mobility and TEM, streamlining a previously complex and convoluted process – saving time and costs.

“The previous process was complicated, and time-consuming with multiple systems, as well as being resource-intensive. Bluewater easily highlights things that Neami have to investigate or action, which is necessary to keep the fleet in check”. – Ian Horton Neami National IT Operations Leader.

The Outcome

Bluewater has provided Neami with greater visibility of their fleet and helped streamline the procurement process by bringing the process into one easily managed platform.

On the TEM side, Bluewater’s reporting and analysis capability, combined with the distribution of individual usage statements has improved visibility and ultimately led to behavioural changes as employees now self-monitor their cost and usage. Neami has also noticed strong wins in the identification of redundant services which has cut significant costs for the organisation by optimising their fleet.

“We like the fact that we can easily identify issues in the portal and then we can action them straight away, without having to go to another system. Bluewater is straight forward, easy to understand, and simple to use.”
Megha Sinha​
Neami National IT Support Officer​
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