Royal Flying Doctor Service

Royal Flying Doctor Service
The Royal Flying Doctor Service Western Australia is one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world, providing extensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency services to people over an area of 7.69 million square kilometres.

Cost of Management

  • Streamlined procurement process
  • Time reduction in bill analysis and variance follow up

of Fleet

  • Identification of redundant services (mobile & fixed) leading to savings
  • Ability to quickly stop and start services with little operational effort


  • Capturing asset details at procurement & termination for strong governance & account health
  • Access to easily searchable billing information to identify inconsistencies and errors to action


  • Optimised processes
  • Significant reduction in costs
  • Improved governance

The Challenge

With various provisioning channels, and a broken and inefficient workflow featuring manual processes, the RFDS’s mobile fleet lacked visibility and was hard to govern. The non-profit was shackled by time-consuming turnaround times and found that even by using carrier tools they were still hamstrung by unwieldy, manual processes in service and asset allocation.

Before Bluewater, assets and services were managed in Microsoft SharePoint lists and Excel spreadsheets; which quickly became obsolete and required a lot of legwork every time analysis or reporting was needed. With such a cumbersome system in place, maintaining consistent governance was hard.

The RFDS struggled to gain control over their bill. Thanks to poor visibility it took days of work every time the organisation wanted to analyse the bill and understand variances. Because of the work required and the difficulty in linking services to people and units at the procurement level, the account’s overall health also became difficult to manage.

The Solution

With Bluewater, the RFDS now has a single platform to oversee and administer from, all the way from procurement to asset and service management.

With a simple way to procure and alter services, and with all service and asset information automatically linked to cost centres and employees, the RFDS’s fleet is clean and agile thanks to their work with Bluewater. With good account hygiene, the RFDS is also in a great place to maximise the value of its Telstra plans.

Immediate access to billing information in a form that highlights variances and enables quick and easy analysis of movements has streamlined the monthly review process. What used to take two to three days of work now takes only moments.

Better visibility on billing also allows any billing errors or inconsistencies to be identified and addressed with Telstra on a regular monthly basis; making resolution quicker and easier on both sides.

The Bluewater platform’s end-to-end visibility and controls deliver consistent governance of the RFDS’s mobile fleet and provide a streamlined way to engage with their Telstra Partner, Telestar, as well as Telstra.

The Outcome

Bluewater has empowered the RFDS to more efficiently manage its fleet using just one easy-to-use tool.

Proactive management has optimised the fleet by identifying up to 100 redundant services and providing more efficient ways to cancel and acquire new services. Identifying and managing billing issues is now a simple process, removing administrative frustration with the RFDS’s carrier, leading to a better commercial relationship.

With a decrease in internal management time, the ability to identify and rectify billing errors and manage overall fleet optimisation, the Bluewater platform delivers the RFDS a ~2x ROI.

The RFDS team say, “[Bluewater is] the way of the future.

“Telstra has great technology and network, however dealing with a large organisation can be clunky. Bluewater streamlines the operational interface with Telstra and its partners and empowers us to better manage our mobile fleet. I love Bluewater. [It has] really changed my life. ”
Rob Paterson
CT Manager, RFDS Western Operations
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