Telecom Expense Management Platform | Bluewater

Cloud-based mobile lifecycle
management + TEM

More than just invoicing and expenses, Bluewater helps you manage the process from purchase to payment – from linking assets to employees and cost centres at time of order – to monitoring usage, assets, service support and all related activities in one central location.

Simple. Efficient. Unified

Discover the benefits of a single, centralised platform


  • Capture
    Capture approved assets and services in an organisation-defined catalogue for effortless, accurate procurement.
  • Order confidently
    Using your approved catalogue, send policy-aligned requests through to your fulfilment partner/s.
  • Link assets, employees and cost centres
    Allocate asset and cost to employee and cost centre at the procurement stage.
  • Predefined order bundles
    Further streamline procurement by setting pre-defined bundles for different role types.
  • Track requests and fulfilments
    Track status of all orders and requests in one simple location.
  • Set up fixed and data procurement requests
    Manage requests and tracking for fixed and data procurement through Bluewater for added consolidation.


  • Manage and monitor
    Manage all services and assets through the platform, keeping a running history of requests for each asset.
  • Simplify processes and communication
    Streamline with a system that ensures the correct processes and forms are all in one place, providing clean auditable tickets of work for fulfilment & support partners.
  • Keep consolidated records
    Minimise hours of searching – all activity is automatically attached to the asset’s history for simple, fast tracking.


  • Streamline cost allocation
    View and allocate assets and spend easily, giving leaders and cost centre managers clarity and cultivating accountability.
  • Control costs
    Turn thousands of lines of billing data into visible, actionable data. Identify redundant services in seconds. See how you can redeploy assets already in the organisation.
  • Identify exceptions
    Get across things that need your immediate action quickly, and easily.


  • Best Practice Dashboard
    Highlight activity across all stages of mobility management with dashboards that are configurable for your organisation.
  • Asset Management
    Stop trying to manage assets in siloed spreadsheets. Build, track and manage all of your assets throughout their lifecycle in a central location.
  • Data Management
    See usage and data allowance and take action accordingly. Notify users of usage, make change requests, encourage changes in behaviour and more.


  • Link MDM profiles with service information
    Capture MDM profile at procurement, ensuring every device is protected with appropriate data, application and user profile settings.
  • Streamline IT service bottlenecks
    Send and track basic MDM actions such as wiping a device, directly from Bluewater.
  • Oversee profiles
    See profiles, devices, compliance and get general MDM reporting through Bluewater.

Manage your mobile lifecycle and telecom investment in one place

Streamline activity

Eliminate waste
and optimise spend

Improve governance
and control