Sedgwick brings together robust global capabilities and local talent and expertise to provide technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions across Australia and around the world. With more than 600 colleagues in more than 40 locations across the country, they deal with insurers, brokers, lawyers and corporate risk managers, assisting with a diverse range of services including property and liability loss adjusting, marine surveying, forensic accounting, building consultancy and restoration management.

Cost of Management

  • Major reduction in the staff time spent providing Finance with accurate cost breakdowns by cost center (1 week ==> 20mins)

of Fleet

  • Identification of redundant services leading to cost savings
  • Optimisation of the international roaming plans leading to reduced charges


  • Improved visibility empowered better decision-making capability


  • Increased efficiency
  • Operational cost savings
  • Improved visibility and governance

The Challenge

Sedgwick was managing mobile devices & services with manual processes involving multiple spreadsheets, often leading to an incomplete view of where devices were and a time-consuming process to fill in the gaps.

Prior to Bluewater there was limited visibility on mobile service usage, leading to employees being on suboptimal plans for international roaming, which brought unnecessary higher charges.

To provide the finance team with a clear cost breakdown by cost centre was taking anywhere from a full day up to a week due to a lack of accurate centrally located information.

Sedgwick was looking to substantially improve the accuracy and speed to access information to improve the management of their mobile fleet.

The Solution

Bluewater implemented its mobile lifecycle and telecom expense management solution to support Sedgwick by:

  • Bringing together telco billing, devices and cost centres all into one platform, to deliver strong visibility and control to the organisation.
  • Enabling accurate & clear reporting for IT to share with Finance for accounting purposes
  • Providing powerful features such as ‘Potentially redundant services’ to quickly identify and stop cost wastage.
  • Delivering the additional ability to drill down in seconds to the details of calls, when needing to answer queries from their customers on meeting their key SLA’s related to call back times.

The Outcome

The Bluewater platform enabled Sedgwick to significantly reduce the time spent processing & analysing telecom expenses, in some instances from one week down to 20mins! It also provided increased accuracy and confidence in the information, which in turn has led to tighter control of telecom expenses and devices within the organisation.

Roand from Sedgwick strongly recommends the Bluewater solution giving us an NPS score of 10 out of 10.

“I would recommend Bluewater which helped us significantly increase the accuracy and reduce the time to provide clear actionable reporting on our mobile fleet. It was taking me anywhere from a full day up to a week, but Bluewater helped drive this down to just 20 mins!”
Roand Enriquez
IT Regional Depot Team Lead, Sedgwick
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