The University of Southern Queensland is a recognised leader in online and blended education. It is renowned for its supportive environment and student-focused commitment to learning and teaching. In the space of fifty years it has become a prominent multi-campus teaching and research institution providing education worldwide. It has campuses in Toowoomba, Springfield and Ipswich.

Cost of Management

  • Streamlined the process for ingesting the carrier bills.
  • Significant reduction in the time taken to analyse bills and follow up on variances

of Fleet

  • Easy identification and management of unallocated and/or potentially redundant services
  • Increased ability to identify and act on cost blowouts


  • An easier ability to allocate and change cost centres has substantially improved governance
  • Ability to provide the relevant & required information for month end reporting


  • Optimised processes
  • Removal of manual, fragmented tasks across IT and Finance
  • Better visibility and improved governance

The Challenge

The University of Southern Queensland was looking for a solution to replace its existing inadequate solution which provided limited ability to search & drill down into the costs, took 2.5 days to produce end of month reporting and was not enabling USQ to drive proper governance across its various cost centres.

The Solution

Bluewater’s platform was selected due to its ability to dramatically reduce manual interventions through automatic ingestion of carrier bills, its ability to easily search and drill down by user or cost centre/department, a reporting function which provides clean & relevant reports by cost centre, in addition to some key innovative features such as ‘Health Check’ enabling the fast identification of such issues as unallocated & unused services etc…

The Outcome

The Bluewater platform enabled USQ to massively reduce the time it took to produce end of month reporting from 2.5 days down to 15 mins. It also provided increased visibility and control over the telecom expenses across the various departments of the University with automated monthly reporting delivered to each department, leading to substantial improvements in ROI. In the first 3 months alone they detected over 60 redundant mobile services which have now been cancelled, delivering immediate savings for USQ!

Maree from USQ literally ‘loves’ the Bluewater solution and would highly recommend it to other organizations that are struggling with inadequate mobility management & TEM solutions.

“Bluewater has enabled our organisation to gain much better visibility & control over our mobile ecosystem, while saving substantial staff time. Monthly reporting which used to take 2.5 days now takes only 15 mins! The portal is easy to use and has helped us identify over 60 redundant mobile services in the first 3 months, leading to further savings!”
Maree O’Brien
ICT Supplier Engagement Officer, USQ
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