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Case Study

APA optimise with the Bluewater platform for a 3xROI

APA’s 15,000 kilometres of natural gas pipelines connect sources of supply and markets across mainland Australia. The business operates and maintains networks connecting around 1.4 million Australian homes and businesses to the benefits of natural gas. APA owns or has interests in gas storage facilities, gas-fired power stations and wind farms nationally. 

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The Challenge

Before the introduction of Bluewater, APA used a mix of manual processes and spreadsheets to manage their mobility and telecom expenses. The manual nature of the workflow and systems created excess administration in a fleet the size of APA’s, which has over 7000 data services across 100 different offices, along with a large number of mobile and IoT services.

APA was really challenged by managing multiple carrier relationships, and with a lack of consolidated visibility, the business found it nearly impossible to analyse and govern the mobility lifecycle.

“The platform makes managing our account with Telstra easier. Having granular visibility at my fingertips around services and billing removes frustration around administration tasks.

The Bluewater platform and Telestar-managed service offering has allowed me to optimise the account on an ongoing basis and significantly improve governance in our business. The service has provided a strong return on investment. I look at the Bluewater platform as an integral part of the managed service Telestar provides my business. To me, it’s all one.”
Paul Whitting
APA Telecommunications Manager

The Solution

Since Bluewater implementation, procurement and support workflows with APA’s managed service partner, and therefore Telstra, have been streamlined; making mobile and telecom expense management far more efficient within the business.

The visibility provided by the platform and the new-found ability to analyse, investigate and act quickly has optimised the fleet and cut costs month-on-month. The aggregation of all billing into one platform has also streamlined reporting.

APA also realised further efficiencies with improved tracking, custom fleet procurement and monitoring functionalities that are all built into the platform.

Meanwhile, the integration of a managed IoT service with Telestar using the Bluewater platform has saved the business significant cost due to improved visibility and more efficient management. 

The Outcome

Bluewater has empowered APA to optimise their processes and take a proactive hand in fleet management, saving time and a significant amount of money. 

Optimisation, operational cost savings and the improved management of billing queries have added up to an estimated 3xROI on the Bluewater platform for APA.