Avoid data usage blowouts: manage and monitor telecom expense with confidence

telecom expense can blow out if you're not monitoring your data usage

Many Australian corporate businesses have at least partial work from home or flexible work allowances. It’s one of the new ways of working that has been permanently adopted. Gone are the days of leaving a desktop on a dedicated desk at work and not having access to your emails. Many people are taking their laptops home and completing work there after 5pm, even if they work from the office five days a week.

However, this creates complexity inwhat comes next for IT and finance departments. Monitoring and proactively managing domestic data consumption is key to understanding whether the right services have been allocated – both for enabling performance and ensuring efficiency. Additionally, working from home will put a load on the NBN and fixed networks, and many staff will revert to hot-spot on their phones. Not all organisations have instant visibility over data usage coming from employees, or indeed over device and asset allocations, and data usage can add up quickly and become costly. 

Bluewater’s CONNECT platform enables you to easily monitor and proactively manage domestic data consumption .

Integrating directly with Telstra, Bluewater enables you to make strong decisions based on near real-time data – instead of having to wait until your bill arrives.    

The platform supports the entire lifecycle of workflows that begins when an asset is procured, ensuring your organisation keeps control and visibility over all assets as well as how they are used, allocated and paid for.   

With Bluewater CONNECT, you see:  

  • The number of services that share data in the mobile account 
  • How many shared and non-shared services are over their data limit  
  • How much data is available for the entire pool to be used within a month 
  • How much data has been consumed so far 

The platform drills down into the detail:  

  • Top data users 
  • Volume 
  • Allowances 
  • Trends 
  • Time of use 

As a result, Bluewater gives you control over your employees’ usage by setting thresholds and automatic email alerts to individuals who have breached their threshold, while also notifying your telecom administrators. 

Use Bluewater administrators to avoid excess data cost  

See clearly whether the remaining data is enough to cover your billing cycle and avoid excess costs. Proactively reach out to Telstra to suggest a plan revision or request additional data packs directly through the platform, no need to pick up the phone or write an email.  

Greater control and governance over data is essential now and in the coming months 

Give your staff visibility of their usage, and provide your administrator with a tool that proactively manages behaviours and costs before they get out of hand. 

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