Azentro - Bluewater


Azentro is a market leading integrator of data, mobility and voice technology solutions that are strategically optimised to help improve business performance; empower people to connect and support sustainable growth.

Azentro works to create sustainable, efficient telecoms solutions to its client organisations. 

Who Azentro helps

Azentro is a strategic integrator of data, mobility and voice technology solutions for organisations that want sustainable growth solutions. The company uniquely improves business performance by empowering people to connect while also reducing their carbon footprint.

Specialist areas

Azentro helps organisations to make well-informed decisions about communications, ensuring they meet business requirements. Solutions are energy-efficient and designed with business, users and the environment in mind, helping customers reduce their carbon footprint, increase productivity and reduce business costs.

Key services

  • Enterprise-managed mobility services
  • MDM Solutions 
  • Managed services across platforms and services 
  • Unified Communications Solutions 
  • LAN/WAN Services 
  • BYOD Solutions 
  • Telecoms equipment and accessories