Telestar consultants deliver end-to-end workflow management for clients as well as vast carrier efficiencies through: Expert Help, Software and Logistics.
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Telestar works to ensure organisations have the best value from their telecommunications spend.


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Who Telestar helps

Large enterprises and government agencies trust Telestar to manage all aspects of their communications assets, usage and expenditure, to simplify their operations, improve service and contain cost.

Specialist areas

Telestar specialises in fully outsourced management of enterprise telecommunications operations, including solution design, equipment and mobile device procurement, commissioning, connections and service management, expense management, logistics and support of user communities.

Key Services

  • Managed Mobility Services: outsourced management of mobile telecoms
  • Managed Fixed Telecoms Services: outsourced management of all aspects of fixed telecoms
  • Operations Analytics & Insights: data collection, usage and structure analytics and operational efficiency optimisations
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