Bluewater Mobility and Telecom Expense Management FAQ

frequently asked questions about telecom expense and mobility lifecycle platforms

Q: What does the platform implementation process look like? 

A: At Bluewater we aim for an 8-week platform implementation process. The key part of this is getting the right data from your organisation (employees, services, cost centres) and establishing the required workflows and reports. Within just a week your platform will already give you better visibility. With Bluewater, it is more than onboarding onto a platform. The process is actually a journey to full visibility and understanding your service and asset ecosystem – we see significant opportunity for cost savings here!

Q: Can you integrate with other systems? 

A: Yes, we have an open API framework and webhook integrations. We know that any platform needs to work within your existing ecosystem, so we ensure you can integrate with Bluewater. 

We also have a ServiceNow connector available for our Enterprise subscribers. 

Q: How does the Bluewater platform work with my Telstra services partner? 

A: Bluewater becomes your interface to sending requests to partners. We have over 20 of Telstra’s Mobility Partners in our partner program, who actively promote Bluewater as a key component of their service stack. 

Q: Why should I pay for my own tool, shouldn’t my carrier provide this? 

A: Getting a clean bill is your carrier’s aim. However, we all know that bills are retrospective and any action from them is reactive. Getting procurement, accountability and analysis right – in a form that works within your business – isn’t a carrier’s responsibility, but it is what proactively improves the bill for your business. 

Q: What is the cost and return of the Bluewater platform? 

A: Bluewater is charged on a monthly SaaS basis with a small setup fee. The ROI depends on the customer, complexity and state of processes and accounts. Our customers typically get a 2- 3x annual return on the platform investment. And in many cases, much more. Check our testimonials to see what our customers say.

Q: When is a platform approach justified? 

A: While it’s really business-specific, we advise that a platform is justified when you have complexity in process and/or significant spend (in mobile service numbers this is probably 300+). Complexity comes down to workflow and reporting requirements. As an example we have a franchise group customer with less than 100 mobile services, however, their workflow and reporting is driven by the individual franchisees, so complexity and return warrants a platform approach. 

If you would like to see first-hand how Bluewater works, request a demo with us today! 

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